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Introduction — Turbo-K Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaner

Turbo-K Gas Turbine Cleaners are specifically designed for on-line (hot wash) and off-line (cold wash) cleaning of gas turbine compressors. The products help maintain maximum available gas turbine power output, improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on machine components.

Compressor efficiency is crucial to gas turbine engine power output. Whilst it had been known for some years that the compressor efficiency could be completely restored by off-line washing with water-based detergent cleaners, comprehensive investigation and trials by the US Military between 1993-96 finally proved that on-line washing with a correctly formulated water based detergent could also substantially, and in some cases fully restore power to 100% of the original - in a single wash!

Turbo-K formulation is not based on non-ionic surfactants, and so has no "Cloud Point". This results in a complete removal of dirt from all stages of the compressor during a hot-wash (on-line wash). Other gas turbine compressor cleaners use non-ionic surfactants that tend to be insoluble at cloud point temperature, where they will come out of the solution as an oily scum, which will be re-deposited on the later stages of the compressor. This reduces the effectiveness of the hot-wash.

The US Military also concluded that on-line washing was intrinsically more cost-effective. "Down-time" for engine cooling was abolished and minimal man-hours were required; while at the same time it totally eliminated their effluent disposal problems. They called the group of water based detergents that were able to restore power in a single on-line wash "Super-Cleaners".

To read more about Turbo-K, follow the link to www.turbo-k.biz.

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