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We work with one of the global leaders in specialty chemicals, including fuel additives, process additives, and advanced materials, where the high-quality chemical additives are specially engineered to improve efficiency, product yield, product quality, and overall process performance in chemical, energy, mining and environmental industries.For more information, please write to info@rosellichemicals.com.

Fuel & Petrochemical Additives

Our magnesium-based Fuel Additives have some of the smallest magnesium particles available anywhere. The proprietary nanotechnology gives these particles an extremely large surface area and makes them highly-reactive and effective as a corrosion inhibitor in both the hot sections and the cold end of the exhaust systems. Products meet GEK-28150 Specification for Gas Turbines. For more information, please visit https://app.cestoil.com/solutions/fuel-additives/ct-magnesium-additives/.

For more information about other types of fuel additives, please visit https://app.cestoil.com/solutions/fuel-additives/.

Please write to info@rosellichemicals.com for TDS and MSDS.

Process Chemicals

Refinery process additives such as Crude Oil Pretreatment Additives, Drag Reducers, High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitors, etc. are the essential parts of a refinery operation.

Click here for more information about Process Chemicals.

Please write to info@rosellichemicals.com for TDS and MSDS.

Downhole Chemicals

Click here for more information on downhole chemicals.

Please write to info@rosellichemicals.com for more information.

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